Hi! I'm Olivier Lalonde, a Software Engineering student at École Polytechnique, Montreal. I've been programming professionally for many years, both as a freelancer and as a full time employee. I've also worked on many small projects of my own, some of which were successful and some others not. Sadly, the most successful so far was an invoicing manager I built during summer when I was 15, which brought me close to 10K$ in revenues, which was a large some at the time. I've also co-founded Wozad, a behavioral advertising network that we decided to dead pool following Google's announcement to get in the behavioral marketing game. My current language of choice is PHP although I've recently started using Ruby which I enjoy so far.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and programmer by profession. Don't get me wrong: I do enjoy programming and solving complex problems very much but consider programming as a tool as opposed to an end in itself.

My interests include: web development and open standards, startups, user experience and innovation. This what I will write about on this blog most of the time.

My current projects are:
Voz Labs: my web development shop.
iRosetta: a StackExchange powered Q&A site for language.
dORM: an ORM for PHP.

You can also find me here:
olalonde @ Hacker News
olalonde @ Answers.OnStartups.com
o_lalonde @ Twitter

E-mail: [email protected]

I'm a casual blogger and English isn't my native language. I write this blog first for myself in order to help my limited memory, put some order in my thoughts and practice my written English skills. Don't expect professional journalism from this blog !