Who would have thoughts things would have gone that far? Yes, I have created a Javascript library for handling boolean logic that involves asynchronous callbacks.

Let’s say you have a web app that has an authorization layer like so:

if (is_user() && (is_admin() || is_super_admin()) {

Note: this is a fictional example for demonstration purposes.

However, here is the catch: your functions are asynchronous which means that they take a callback argument which in turns takes an error and result argument. function callback(err, res) {}

How do you rewrite the above code elegantly?

You could use the nice async library.

], function (err, results) {
  if (results[0] && (results[1] || results[2])) {

There are two problems however:

  1. The code is not very expressive.

  2. We have to wait for all functions to finish.

    In the example above, if is_user returns false, we would already know that the user is not authorized. false && ... is always false no matter what the ... represents. In computer science, this is called lazy evaluation.

Here is how you would rewrite the above with boolasync:

is_user.and(is_admin.or(is_super_admin)).eval(function (err, authorized) {
  if (authorized) {

Notice how terse and expressive the code is compared to the async example. In bonus, boolasync won’t wait for an async call to terminate if it already knows the result of an expression.

For more documentation and examples, visit the Github page: https://github.com/olalonde/boolasync