I've just written HN Crunch, a little Greasemonkey script for Hacker News which adds a profile picture next to the username of HN members who have their own CrunchBase profile. The script is is open source.


Right now, it doesn't have many HN users in it so please help me complete the list in the comments below or in the HN thread by writing the username / CrunchBase URL pair. To try it in action, I suggest you head over to pg's thread list.

Updated list:
  • pg: paul-graham
  • spolsky: joel-spolsky-2
  • a4agarwal: sachin-agarwal
  • techcrunch: michael-arrington
  • epi0Bauqu: gabriel-weinberg
  • AndrewWarner: andrew-warner
  • swombat: daniel-tenner
  • dhh: david-heinemeier-hansson
  • daniel_levine: daniel-levine
  • bkrausz: brian-krausz
  • 'mceachen: matthew-mceachen
  • rgrieselhuber: ray-grieselhuber
  • rdamico: ryan-damico
  • jon_dahl: jon-dahl
  • answerly: joe-fahrner
  • jlm382: jessica-mah
  • brianchesky: brian-chesky
  • billclerico: bill-clerico
  • dhouston: drew-houston
  • danielha: daniel-ha
  • rantfoil: garry-tan
  • petesmithy: pete-smith
  • justin: justin-kan
  • gduffy: greg-duffy
  • spencerfry: spencer-fry
  • thinkcomp: aaron-greenspan
  • jack7890: jack-groetzinger'