I just realised I hadn’t updated my blog in over 5 years 😯. So here’s a quick recap of my past 5 years.

I wrote a “read-only wallet” for Bitcoin that was designed to be used for Bitcoin charities to be totally transparent about their finances. In the process, I essentially wrote a full Bitcoin node from scratch in Node.js which used Postgres as a data store.

The project didn’t gain much traction but it lead to me joining Blockai, a startup that was using the Bitcoin blockchain to register and digitize copyrights (using the OP_RETURN opcode). The startup pivoted multiple times and was re-branded to Binded.com. We eventually got acquired by Pixsy.com.

During my time as CTO and co-founder of Binded, I got to manage a small team of engineers. I also did a lot of deep learning, which I had to learn on the spot: I completed Stanford’s Machine Learning course as well as the Deep Learning specialisation on Coursera by Andrew Ng, which I highly recommend. I also learned a lot about information retrieval systems and DevOps (Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, infrastructure as code, etc.).

After Binded’s acquisition in 2019, I did a lot of open source development (e.g. added a new crypto API to Node.js), some freelancing, learned Rust and learned a lot about Ethereum, DeFi and finance. I also had a few successful investments. I am currently working on a new project at the intersection of algorithmic trading, DeFi and cryptocurrency.